My very first post was inspired by a post by Zinhle Sokhela titled “MISOGYNY AND SEXISM”. Strong-minded woman I have always looked up to. (I swear that was not to make her sound old because shes’s so young). Here is the article. Great read I promise you.

I  think I feel the need to address this because it is an issue too close to  home that I feel really strongly about. I loooove me my shorts and if it wasn’t for the thick skin I am covered in, I long would have stopped wearing short jeans and dresses. The insults and snide remarks I have had to endure would have long reduced me to a weakling that let’s views of dense male species govern what she chooses to wear. I had never really taken this to mind until some old male person (I am putting this much more respectfully than I should) reached out a hand to grab my thighs while I was wearing a short and got a “angithi ubufuna lokho vele (that is what you wanted right?)”when I called him out on it.

I feel like people need to understand one thing: my choice in clothing does not give you the right to violate my body nor does it consent to you touching my body, making snide remarks or sexual advances. Wearing shorts is not “asking for it”. I do not understand the concept of feeling entitled to get one’s hands on a woman because she is wearing revealing clothing.

These boys need to be taught that “trashy” does not amount to “woman showing leg”. They need to be taught that women are to be respected regardless of their choice in clothing. Stop telling us what to wear!


Thanks for reading.